Plainhouse Laboratory

Plainhouse Laboratory is a development / manufacturing / distribution company of high-quality plastic labware and laboratory subsidiary materials.

Who we are

Plainhouse Laboratory focuses on developing/manufacturing high-quality plastic labware and laboratory subsidiary materials like PVDF Membrane. We consistently collaborate on R&D and quality management with our partners; National Research Center, Healthcare & Bio Group, consisting of best specialists in the field. We maintain our every product with perfection accordingly. Recently we’re updating COVID-19 labware to meet customers’ needs and requirement. Plainhouse Laboratory is always ready to design and develop a new labware to fulfill customers’ needs and demand.

Design, Development & Production of Well plate for ELISA Kit  

Develop, manufacture and provide well plate for ELISA Kit in response to demand for COVID-19.

Design, Development, Production & Supply of Micro, UTM and Sample Tubes

Develop, manufacture and provide leakage protection micro, UTM and sample tubes.

ELISA Kit Final Assembly

Provide final packing service to complete ELISA Kit for COVID-19.

Production & Supply of PVDF Membrane

Manufacture and provide PVDF Membrane which is the most important raw material for Western Blot Test Method.

Introduction of Main Products

Plainhouse places a high value on supplying sophisticated and superb labware for its customers to get a stable result all the time. It actively tries to fulfill corporate social responsibility by providing such high-quality labware for faster and more accurate diagnosis result under COVID-19 pandemic situation currently.

High Quality

PVDF Membrane

Minigel / Midigel / Role

Media : Polyvinylidene fluoride

Typical Thickness : 80-90μm

Air Permeability : 0.1~0.3cfm

Applications : Western blot transfer 

ELISA strip/carrier

(EO GAS Sterilization)

ELISA Kit for COVID-19

Strip Material : PC

Carrier Material : PC

EO Gas Sterilization


(EO GAS Sterilization)

Capacity : 0.5ml

Cap Material : PP

Body Material : PP

O-ring included

EO Gas Sterilization

Sample Tubes

(EO GAS Sterilization)

Capacity : 20ml

Cap Material : PP

Body Material : PP

EO Gas Sterilization

Plainhouse’s competency for new product development

Plainhouse Laboratory can develop labware with speed in response to customers’ requirement and each diagnostic method in such diversified and rapidly changing disease environment. We have already proved our competency for development in the field of COVID-19 diagnosis and the outcome is proved too which is made by customizing labware in response to customers’ needs.

Development Request 

Figure out customer’s requirement exactly through several interviews or meetings and then finalize specification.  

Design & drawing 

Design based on the specification which is confirmed in the previous process. Customers can check 3D modeling prototype instead of real product. 

Test injection molding & product test  

Possible to verify required specification with a prototype produced by QDM injection molding.  

Modification & mass production 

If the prototype satisfies required specification, start to make an injection mold for mass production. And then supply products based on supply plan.  

Contact information for purchasing or development of a new product

Feel free to contact any of below if you need to purchase our product or develop a new product, please.


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